Culture Embassy
a 10-piece NZ band of varying cultural backgrounds, hence the name.
The cultural diversity of the band is reflected in the sound of the music
a fusion of African styles, Reggae/Ska, Jazz and Afro-Latin rhythms.

We describe our sound as Afrocentric-World Music as much of what we play is based on African rhythms and songs, which is where our lead-singer ‘Ras Judah’ and two of our master drummers come from (Botswana, Ghana and Tanzania respectively), plus Roots Reggae. Though everyone contributes their own culturally inspired sound, with other band members from Cuba, England and Japan, and others with Greek, Kiwiana and jazz backgrounds. Not just a musical treat representing many parts of the world, but also a visual one; a carnival of ethnic diversity and collaboration on stage! 


This band is also available in bite-size!  Click here for info about the Ras Judah Quartet