'Ras Judah Quartet'  (a.k.a. the Culture Embassy Quartet)

This quartet act covers the Afrocentric World-Music songs of Ras Judah & Culture Embassy as well as other covers and originals, a fusion of African styles, Reggae/Ska, Jazz and Afro-Latin rhythms.

Ideal for venues that can't fit the full 10-piece act i.e. perfect for restaurants, cafes and other small venues. 

Botswanan Singer-songwriter, guitarist, 'Ras Judah' is accompanied by fellow Culture Embassy members, ‘Henry Smithers’ on bass, Ghanan kit drummer ‘Ato Baidoo’, and Englishman ‘Luke Parker on classical guitar, and backing vocals. 

You can hear/see a sample of the Ras Judah Quartet in the videos below (technically they're a quintet and a trio but you'll get the idea) ...